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Artificial Wave Technology


Developed specifically to endure the abuse of wave pools, this is a reinforced lamination technology.

Our lamination technology developed specifically to endure the abuse of wave pools, Artificial Wave Technology (AWT), is a reinforced version of the standard fiberglass lamination we use on our Helium or I-Bolic cores.

The main difference in our AWT lamination process is we add carbon strips to fortify the nose and tail against concrete pool bottoms. We also reinforce our fin box installations, just in case your scrape the bottom.

Artificial Wave Technology


The same feel and performance you expect from standard fiberglass laminations on Helium or I-Bolic cores.

Artificial Wave Technology


Wrapping either a Helium or I-Bolic core, this fiberglass lamination has double 4 oz cloth on the deck, and single 4 oz cloth on the bottom, but tucked beneath are carbon strips to reinforce the nose and tail from concrete pools. Fin boxes are also fortified with high density foam biscuit inserts.

Artificial Wave Technology

Core Compatibility

Artificial Wave Technology lamination is paired with either Helium or I-Bolic cores.