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Article: Tristan Sullaway

Tristan Sullaway

Tristan Sullaway

What’s the last thing you thought about?    Other then what I am going to write about for this, whats for lunch?
Where do you live?    La Jolla, California.
If you could leave on any surf trip right now, where would you go?    Tavarua Island, Fiji
When you go on a trip, what do you miss about home?    Family, Friends that are not on the trip with me, Burritos....
Favorite Band or Artist?    Can't just pick one!
Favorite TV show or Movie or Documentary?    Game of Thrones
Last person you went surfing with?    LeBeau brothers and my buddy Jack.
What food or drink do you crave after surfing?    Beer, any kind.
If you couldn’t be you, who would you be?    Maybe reincarnated as some sea animal, dolphin maybe?
Best board currently?    Trusty 6,0 FRK by Dan Mann.
If you could send a text message to the whole world, what would it say?    Have more fun.