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Article: Rob Machado talks Music, GLAZER, and Magic Potions with Rip Zinger

Rob Machado talks Music, GLAZER, and Magic Potions with Rip Zinger

Rob Machado talks Music, GLAZER, and Magic Potions with Rip Zinger

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Rob rides his brand new GLAZER at Surf Ranch

Last year when the Seaside and Beyond arrived at Surf Shops for the first time, Rip Zinger became nearly as popular as the board itself.

Rip was instantly recognizable for the nutritious kale salads he described in the video below ; a pre-session staple for Rob Machado last year, before his daily surfs at Seaside.

But today Rip is disappointed in Rob.

Because after growing a sweet tooth in isolation, Rob named his new GLAZER after donut frosting… very unhealthy.

Rob named his new GLAZER after donut frosting, and Chef of Healthy Salads Rip Zinger is freaked out about it.

And even though the GLAZER is also named after Todd Glaser; Rob’s friend who is a professional surf photographer, and also his preferred test pilot for this new thruster shape, Rip is still pretty freaked out.

Todd Glaser and Rob Machado. Todd was Rob’s original test pilot and design partner when creating the Glazer shape in LFT.

Rob describes the two meanings behind his new thruster’s name in a new episode of The Wire Podcast on iTunes and Spotify.

You can hear a five minute excerpt from the new episode in the video above, set to sights of Rob riding good waves at Surf Ranch, and bad waves at his home break, Seaside.

You can hear the new episode in its entirety by searching ‘The Wire by Firewire Surfboards’ wherever you listen to podcasts. And when you listen to it, you’ll hear first hand just how dedicated to healthy eating Rip Zinger is.

Rip made a healthy potion for us to drink during this episode.

During the conversation, Rip brought us a magical potion mixed from the ingredients above – golden milk, homemade almond milk, ghee oil, coconut oil, MCT oil, red ginger powder and a lot more, some of which he cites as ‘secret’

Always a fan of LFT – Rob still cuts uncommon lines on his Go Fish model, three years after its release.

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